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Flexible Spaces Need to Lead to Flexible Learning

Do you remember the classrooms that you learned in as a child?  I sure do and not for many positive reasons. Each room was a carbon copy of one another, where you would have as many uncomfortable desks lined up in cute little neat rows.  The exception was science classrooms flush with lab tables. However, there still was the issue of sitting in chairs for long periods of time that killed our backs. Uncomfortable seating options and a lack of movement not only led to discomfort, but it also had a negative impact on engagement. Now don’t get me wrong; some lessons were extremely engaging.  The issue, however, was that the conditions under which learning was supposed to take place were not conducive to the process at all. Little did we know at the time that classroom design could be something different. It was what we always knew and came to expect and never thought twice about it.
"School should be a place that learners want to come to….not run away from." Evolving research on …